New York Mets: Don’t rebuild yet, try something else

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 01: Manager Terry Collins (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 01: Manager Terry Collins (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

The New York Mets are not only running out of options but talent as well. There is still one thing they can do to protect their season.

Okay, first off it is time to address the scaring images New York Mets fans saw in the last 24 hours, on the New York Daily News sports cover. The most recent one happened to have the pride and joy of the Mets donning the Yankee pinstripes.

Look, I agree that the Mets need to make moves but trading away Noah Syndergaard or Jacob deGrom to anyone, especially the Yankees, is not the way to do things right now. Even if the Mets were offered top prospects for them, and I mean top prospects, the Mets should not deal them.

Aside from the fact that this current Mets regime is awful at developing prospects and there is only one that actually thrives in the big leagues every few years, there is one thing Mickey Callaway and the Mets need to try first.

They need to shy away from a traditional rotation.

No more of Noah Syndergaard having eight days rest. That is way too many even for Jason Vargas.

If Syndergaard starts and then there are five postponed games, don’t go to the next guy, start “Thor” again.

It should be the exact same way with deGrom. Don’t wait for his turn in the rotation, just wait for his five days rest.

MLB teams have more days off this season. More rest days and less long stands. This concept works in the Mets’ favor.

There is no reason to wait for Zack Wheeler’s turn in the rotation by skipping someone on long enough rest.

The best part is the Mets are already starting to begin doing this. But only to an extent.

It could also work by riding the hot hands. If the Mets move Seth Lugo to the rotation, and he has a great outing, wait his five days and start him right as soon as possible again. The arguments about the Mets’ window closing are fair. However, the Mets cannot possibly control how far ahead the Braves and Phillies are. It is just working out for them, they are good baseball teams right now.

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What the Mets can control, and what can help them, is their formula for success. It has been time to get creative for weeks now.

Time to bolster the rotation by throwing in the best or hottest pitchers every five days. That would leave them with plenty fresh arms for stretches where they do not have an off day. It lightens the pressure on the pitchers who are struggling all while giving the Mets their best pitcher in almost every game.

The lineup needs to start hitting but once health and warm, consistent weather come around, so will they. We have seen the ceiling for this offense and it is delightful. So. yes, that image of deGrom and Thor in a Yankees uniform is scary. But it is pre-mature. The Mets should not trade them. They have time to control what they have.

If they try this and it does not work, then fine, trade them. At that point, they would be fried out and you already got the most out of them in the blue and orange.

That is a lot better than shipping them to the Yankees, or anyone who needs them. The Mets need them, more than anybody.

Next: Thor should aim for contact?

It is time to ditch the idea of a traditional rotation. The Mets are in desperation mode. But desperation mode does not mean burning it to the ground and starting over. Desperation time means trying something you never have before.

This is what the New York Mets should try. Just see if it works. It cannot get much worse than it is now.

Plus, if they cannot win with Syndergaard and deGrom on the bump literally every fifth night, then we know they need to burn it down.

It is just way too soon to do so now. Control what you can control.