New York Yankees: Not just hot, they are on fire

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 6: Manager Aaron Boone /

Right now, the New York Yankees are on fire!

When you’re hot, you’re hot just like the New York Yankees broadcast team proclaimed. These young Yankees are hotter than any Yankees team I can remember in the past 10 years. They have decided to catch fire; with young pitchers like Domingo German throwing six scoreless frames and holding down a strong scoring Cleveland team it almost looked like this team could do wrong.

The bullpen came into play and gave up four runs in the top of the eighth which killed the energy in the stadium, but something was different the Yankees fans didn’t leave like have done in prior games in April. The fans stayed waiting to be brought to their feet, almost knowing that this team is never truly out of a game with the power currently in the lineup; the Yankees responded after being held scoreless through seven, plating three runs in the bottom of the 8th.

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When the 9th came around Aroldis Chapman was seen warming up in the bullpen preparing for the 10th inning to keep the Yankees in position to win the game. Aaron Boone was rewarded quickly by an Aaron Hicks lead-off double and Neil Walker driving him home to tie the game. What felt like a defining moment for Hicks was vastly overshadowed by what followed.

With runners on first and second the 21-year-old dynamo Gleyber Torres swaggered up to home plate taking a few extra practice cuts. It’s not clear if he fully understood what was needed of him or just young enough and cocky enough to feel like this was just another at bat.

Whatever the reason, he finally decided to show this weekend that his minor league power can translate to the big leagues. With quick hands through the zone he drove the ball to deep center field, as the Indians center field drifted back all the way back. Torres rounded first and realized he just hit his first major league walk off home run.

The night before, fellow rookie Miguel Andjuar showed his metal, the young baby bombers keep on impressing. Coming back to win both games after having a lead and holding a team even is the best mental training a young team could ask for. The patience that Brian Cashman showed in assembling this young talent and allowing them to develop is now being rewarded. It’s so sweet to watch only one phrase comes to mine, from the movie Kingpin: “If you put this in a bottle, it’s sweeter then Yoo-Hoo”. If these young Yankees keep playing this way and the reward at the end will be sweetest thing they’ve seen since 2009.

What’s Up Next?

The Yankees are walking into the series with the Red Sox hotter than any other team in the East if not the league, with a well deserved day off heading into this series. It will be interesting to see how they leave this week.

Tuesday Night

Drew Pomeranz (1-1) vs. Luis Severino (5-1)

Prediction: Severino stays hot shutting down the other eastern powerhouse. Yankees win 3-1 with some mid-inning heroics from Aaron Judge.

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David Price (2-4) vs. Masahiro Tanaka (4-2)

Prediction: Tanaka gives up two home runs against the Sox but the team rallies behind him giving him the run support Sonny Gray has been begging for and the Yankees win 7-4.

Rick Porcello (5-0) vs. CC Sabathia (2-0)

Prediction: Porcello has been on a tear and will continue his dominance against a hot Yankees team. They will not be shut out but I think with the bullpen being light and maybe a little overworked once CC is out of the game the Red Sox open this one up and win 4-3.