New York Jets need to only keep two quarterbacks in 2018

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 31: Head coach Todd Bowles . (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 31: Head coach Todd Bowles . (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets need no more than two quarterbacks on the depth chart in 2018.

With all of the time off now ahead of us, there is much time for speculation. What will the New York Jets 53 man roster look like? The team in front of us is essentially the team that will begin training camp, give a or take a move here and there. With that, we can begin to think about how the roster may take shape.

The elephant is the room is the depth chart at quarterback. Sam Darnold is here. The fan base is understandably pumped up. But obviously he won’t be the only quarterback on the roster. Who will still be around, and how many will there be? That is the question we are taking a look at this morning.

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The first domino has already fallen as Bryce Petty has been released by the team. Let’s be honest, this was no surprise, nor will it be when Christian Hackenberg eventually suffers the same fate. Maybe he is in camp as an extra arm, but he has about as much chance of making the team at this point as I do.

That leaves Teddy Bridgewater, Josh McCown and Sam Darnold. Contrary to what many of you might think, they don’t NEED to keep all three. The Jets should ride into 2018 carrying only two quarterbacks.

First of all, how often is the third string quarterback even active? Not often at all. Hackenberg was active for one game during his rookie season. Most of the time they spend the afternoon in a hoodie with a headset and a clipboard. Is this really something that needs a roster spot? If they want plays charted, I think the second string quarterback can do that all by himself.

They don’t need a spot on the roster for an executive clipboard carrier.

What if Bridgewater plays well? Maybe he is back to his old self, prior to his injury. What do the Jets do then? That shouldn’t necessarily change the plan. Unless Teddy dominates the quarterback competition this summer he should not be the starter. He should either be traded or released to go to a team where he would be a better fit.

The Jets didn’t make a huge investment in Bridgewater. Per Spotrac, he is only guaranteed $1 million. His dead cap would be $500,000 if released. Like it or not, we can judge how invested a team is in a player by their contract. They are and will be fair more invested in Sam Darnold and Josh McCown. In a league that is also a business, the contracts reflect this fact.

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If fans are concerned about a third quarterback, look no further than the wide receiver room. Terrelle Pryor used to be a quarterback, in case we forgot. He certainly is capable of serving as the emergency quarterback if needed. Brad Smith has filled that role in the past. There doesn’t have to be a dedicated third quarterback to sit there with a clipboard. Save that roster spot for another position.