New York Mets: How the weekend series vs Brewers is the real launch of the season

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 15: Wilmer Flores
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 15: Wilmer Flores /

The New York Mets’ almost unreal winning streak came to an end this weekend but in the same series, they showed their true colors as a team.

The New York Mets went into Friday’s home series vs the Milwaukee Brewers with an eight game winning streak to their record. After a hectic back and forth win on Friday, their streak reached an improbable nine games.

The Mets’ bats eventually cooled down during a lackluster Matt Harvey performance in front of an electric Citi Field crowd on Saturday to end the winning streak.

However, the streak needed to end eventually and how they answered after a loss was the only thing left for them to show us this season.

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The Mets’ loss to the Cards in Game 3 is not a prime example. Opening series sweeps are tough. However, after the Mets streak ended we all wondered how the team would answer. Was the team just hot? Was the streak their only motivation? Or are they just flat-out good?

We were all asking those question going into Sunday’s game. Well, the Mets showed us they are just a good team. The team’s offense was not as hot as it had been but they rode a dominant performance by Noah Syndergaard and did just enough to win on a classic Wilmer Flores walk-off.

So, how is that the “real launch” of the season? Because it truly shows us how good this team is. Yes, it is one game. Yes, they were home and their ace was pitching. But all those factors were second to the loss of momentum and hype after the winning streak ended abruptly.

Great teams do what the Mets do all the time. The Mets are indeed 12-2. That is a phenomenal record. But the fact that they eventually came back to reality and lost, then to bounce back and win in the fashion they did, shows more what this team is about then the winning streak ever could.

Of course, the streak being over is sad for everyone. Yes, it would be amazing if it broke the record. However, a hot streak is as much a wave of momentum as it is being good. What good would the streak have been if the Mets then lost 9 straight? The season is really underway now.

Things are back to normal in terms of the standard. Even if the Mets end up dropping a couple, they will still be fine.

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So, Mets fans it is okay the streak ends. It is inevitable with so much time left and now we see how this team truly reacts to adversity and momentum crunching moments. The season will be full of streaks, hot flashes, cold spells, injuries, everything.

It’s just that. Now, we know what to expect and that is the launch of the 2018 New York Mets’ season.

But for those who still like a silver lining, the Mets have yet to lose a series in 2018. That is a streak that can last for much longer.