New York Mets fan dyes hair blond after Noah Syndergaard’s opening day performance

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 29: Noah Syndergaard (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 29: Noah Syndergaard (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

A New York Mets fan dyed his hair blond after the ten strikeout performance of Noah Syndergaard.

The good times roll for New York Mets fans when Noah Syndergaard is healthy and pitching well. It is an excellent change in times after the year Mets fans had last year. Thanks to injury, they didn’t see much of “Thor” all season long. But when he is firing on all cylinders fun is had by all. That includes one fan that was forced to eat his words after opening day.

A Twitter user named @fellasheep promised the following:

It’s a pretty bold statement to make. It’s hard to know if this was something the fan wanted to do, but he put it out there. Well, we all know what happens when a statement is made on social media. It never goes away. We may forget we make the statement, it may even be deleted, but no matter what, it is available somehow.

Syndergaard got the job done on opening day. He struck out ten on the nose, marking the exact number the fan mentioned in the hair dying situation. What was this fan to do? Would he go through with it? Keep in mind what we said about social media statements as we move forward.

Guess who saw the statement in question? The man himself, Noah Syndergaard. Syndergaard was aware of the situation, and knew he met his end of the bargain, so he responded:

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Of course, now that “Thor” was aware of the situation, what else could @fellasheep do? He had to go through with it. For anyone who is interested in seeing what he looked like post-dye, take a look at his tweet here. For my money, it works although his dark-colored beard makes the look a little bit odd. But he is a good man for keeping his word. It may have been an off-handed promise, but once “Thor” got involved he kept it.

It’s good to see the fan hold up his end. All is fun when things are going well.