New York Knicks: Trey Burke may be a diamond in the rough

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 23: Trey Burke (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 23: Trey Burke (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks may have found themselves a new star in the form of Trey Burke.

The New York Knicks have mined themselves another diamond in the form of a young great guard who’s coming out of their minor league system, Jeremy Lin once took New York by storm after sleeping on teammates couches just waiting for a chance.

Trey Burke wasn’t as under the radar, however he was just as written off as anyone who falls from grace after being drafted in the lottery oh so many moons ago. Burke fell from grace harder than anyone could have predicted after setting the national college scene on fire in Michigan. But a more mature, version of the talented player now sits on the roster and if his hand appears to remain steady, he could give and excellent starting point for the Knicks.

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The team was nervous about giving him a chance, could have been because of his size or his prior lack of effort, could it have been fear of his overall past. Whatever the reason He’s moved on from it, from what he has shown and the Knicks would be wise to move on past it as well and let Trey Burke have the keys to car at least till the end of the season. This is the best audition that Burke could have ever asked for; after choosing to make less money in the G-league instead of running over seas for a heftier pay-day, he stayed local paid his dues and has now made the Knicks Brass of Mills & Perry incorporated (name rights pending) something to think about.

The Knicks will undoubtedly have a lottery pick no matter what this draft, this will also come with what players they move during the off season picking up later first round/early second picks for some veterans on their roster in this year’s draft or next. With the emergence of Trek Burke and Frank Ntilikina playing well as a slashing two guard the Knicks can look to had a dominant athletic center (cough, cough) DeAndre Ayton or a solid small forward in one of the Bridge boys. If my younger brother had his way the Knicks would draft another three-point sharp shooter, personally I feel they can pick one up in the second round especially with Hardaway and Dotson on the roster but hey my brother is a special guy.

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His role may be defined

Emmanuel Mudiay scored 22 points off the bench, which is a great role for Emmanuel whenever he can be challenged by a player doing better than himself he usually steps up to the calling. Watching Burke go off for 42 points and then following up with another solid performance of 18 points 6 assist; This must have been what Mudiay needed especially as a natural scorer coming off the bench gives him the advantage to give all is energy in a short span and press other teams into foul trouble off the bench. Going forward Emmanuel needs to keep striking out of this bench role eve next year since he will be back on a less expensive contract, could help maximize his potential or even increase his trade value if Mills& Perry incorporated (patent rights pending) feel they need to move on from him going forward.