New York Jets: Kirk Cousins likely headed to Minnesota Vikings per Adam Schefter

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: Kirk Cousins (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: Kirk Cousins (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets appear likely to be losing Kirk  Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings.

Nothing is official until the signing period opens, but if this is true it is going to make a lot of New York Jets fans very unhappy. It’s about the quarterback most of us want on the team. I’ll let Adam Schefter tell it:

This is not good news. Granted it is news that we all knew was possible, and it still can’t become official until Wednesday at 4 PM ET at the earliest. Still, we have known for days that the Vikings would be in the Cousins race. Unfortunately we also know that their roster trumps the Jets roster in terms of talent. If he truly wants to win now the Vikings are the better of the two choices.

However, if true it still hurts. Kirk Cousins represents the rare occasion when a franchise level quarterback is available on the open market. We never see that and we may never again. It simply doesn’t happen and rightfully so. Why would teams let go of quarterbacks that are of this quality? It’s such an important position that it will never happen. That’s why everyone was so wrapped up in the Cousins mania. Now it’s not over yet, but it isn’t looking good.

And it looked worse when this tweet came out from Schefter:

It’s even more rare that the Jets lead the league in money available to spend on free agents. Most of them go where the money is and the Jets had the money. Granted, I’m not so sure that they would have guaranteed the entire contract like the Vikings appear to be doing but he wouldn’t have exactly been poor if he came to New York.

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So it appears that for all intents and purposes, the Jets are on to Plan B. What is that? It has a good chance of being the return of Josh McCown paired with a draft choice in the first round. Or does Mike Maccagnan have something else up his sleeve? We will find out soon enough.