New York Jets: Three reasons why Kirk Cousins should sign with New York

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 19: Kirk Cousins (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 19: Kirk Cousins (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images /
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Living in the Tri-State

Keep in mind, it’s not as if Kirk Cousins comes from the middle of nowhere. He has spent the better part of his career in the Washington, D.C. area. There are rural areas and obviously there is big city life available to him as well. The New York/New Jersey area will not exactly be foreign to him. There are some guys it could be culture shock to, he isn’t one of them.

You know who it was culture shock for? Brett Favre. Wonderful career and the entire fan base was understandably excited to acquire him. But to say he knew nothing about big city life would be an understatement. He is a country boy, through and through. Yet the Jets figured out a way to sell him on living in this area. Favre and his family handled their time in town just fine. Cousins is in a more experienced place than Favre ever was.

What is the point of all of this? Kirk Cousins shouldn’t allow moving to the “big city” to be a concern. It has something for everyone. He can come to New York City for all of the activities and fun it has to offer, yet live in a residential area of New Jersey or even New York or Connecticut. Living in the area has all of the makings of being something special. He doesn’t have to live in a smaller city like Minnesota in order to be happy. He understands city life. He has to otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to achieve any success at all with the Redskins.