New York Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson shows his true colors upon his exit

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 29: Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 29: Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

New York Jets ex-defensive lineman Muhammad  Wilkerson not only stopped playing, but he showed his true colors as a real ingrate.

Just when New York Jets fans thought they were rid of this guy he takes a parting shot. It’s not enough that this guy stopped playing for his team, now he gives his former team some of the blame for his laziness. If you think about it, it’s pretty rich for a guy that was paid millions of dollars to blame the team that paid him for the fact that he quit. That’s what he did.

Of course the player in question is Muhammad Wilkerson. We know the story about how was supposed to be a fixture on the Jets defensive line for years. Unfortunately he got paid two years ago and hasn’t really “played” since. After recording 12 sacks in his walk year of 2015, he has only posted eight over the last two years. Essentially the only time we hear Wilkerson’s name during a Jets telecast is when they comment about how he has been silent.

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So as expected, Wilkerson’s time with the Jets has come to an end. But apparently that isn’t the end of the story. Despite the fact that he deserves nothing more than a “show me” contract, the Packers are showing interest in his services, which is their right of course.

However, that’s not the end of it. Wilkerson is also taking his parting shots at his former team (via Packer News):

"“Wilkerson has told people he desperately wants to play for a winning organization and was worn down in New York,” Silverstein reported Monday. “In his seven seasons, the Jets were 46-66 and didn’t make the playoffs.”"

Now that is an interesting comment to make, isn’t it? Let us break it down. It sounds noble to say that he wants to play for a winner but isn’t this an interesting time to mention it? Think about it. The Jets did a lot of losing from 2011-2015. We didn’t hear any rumblings about Wilkerson being worn down by New York.

How come? HE HADN’T BEEN PAID YET. Wilkerson didn’t really care that the Jets weren’t winning because he still needed to earn his money.

After his big performance in 2015 they rewarded him with a big contract, one that most fans were begging him to receive. He got it, and quit. We have barely heard his name since the contract was signed, other than when he was benched or suspended for disciplinary reasons. Now he goes and blames the Jets for being a loser organization?

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They weren’t losers when you wanted money big guy! How about instead of complaining you play harder and try to help the team become winners. That’s what a REAL leader does. What you are doing is what a lazy, selfish player does. There is no “I” in team Muhammad. And now there is no Muhammad Wilkerson on the Jets.

You know what? This is a good thing. Good riddance to Muhammad Wilkerson. The new look Jets don’t need him anyway.