New York Red Bulls: Goalkeeper Luis Robles named full-time captain for 2018

New York Red Bulls. Luis Robles. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Luis Robles. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls make one of many moves for a team that made the playoffs last MLS Season.

The New York Red Bulls lost on the away rule aggregate to the reigning MLS champion Toronto FC last season. The team had a good season and almost made it beyond the conference semis as a 6 seed.

2018 should be a year to build off last season. The team came one step closer to a solid identity by naming long-time goalkeeper Luis Robles captain for the 2018 season.

This should not be seen as a move just because he is the oldest player on the team.

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The decision to name a goalie as captain, in this circumstance, makes sense.

The Red Bulls’ most recent captain is now on Orlando SC.

Robles has set a standard for goalies in the MLS. He is a long-tenured member of the league and becomes the first goalie for the team to be named captain since the days where they were known as the New Jersey MetroStars.

Robles is known for his talent. But mostly his reliability. He has been with the club since 2012. His ability to play all 90 minutes and make maximum starts is a fantastic quality to earn the title.

He holds the MLS record for most consecutive appearances. The MLS is a league where loyalty is important because the league is still up and coming and still proving its legitimacy.

The Red Bulls keeper is coming off another winning season. Winning seasons is something he has done since 2013.

Perhaps Robles’ best skill is his ability to lead in the playoffs. It is always about the MLS cup and Robles is an all-time goalies in that department.

The captain’s armband is something he has earned. He was captain for a part of last year.

Having a reliable goalie being the leader of the team is a smart soccer decision. Typically the goal scores and the play makers get the goalie but someone who has been there and been around for so long constitutes a great leader.

Goal differential is a key in this game. The Eastern Conference in the MLS is tight and goal difference typically plays a role in tie breakers.

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The Red Bulls’ season starts March 10, 2018, vs the Portland Timbers. Although it is not entirely important to the team’s success, naming their captain is important . The Red Bulls are a relatively young team.

Consistent performance and tenure in this league comes a long way.

Robles has earned the honor for the New York Red Bulls.