Buffalo Bills: An Open Letter To All Bills Fans Everywhere

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Tyrod Taylor (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Tyrod Taylor (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

An open letter to all Buffalo Bills fans ahead of their first playoff game in 17 years.

Dear Buffalo Bills fans everywhere,

This has by far been the best week of my entire life. For you older fans, I’m sure it has been the best since the early 90s.

The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs. It’s so close to kickoff and I still refuse to believe it is even real.

This game is for us. We owe the players, the city, and the Pegula’s everything.

I fully expect not everyone to be a “die-hard” BIlls fan. There are some casual ones too.

However, that is rare.

This team has not made the playoffs in 17 years. SEVENTEEN years. That is a painfully long time.

At any point up until New Year’s Eve 2017, if you met a Bills fan, they were a die-hard. No one was going to “pretend” to like a team with that long of a playoff drought.

Bills fans are legit. You are real. Bills fans, you are passionate, loyal, and smart people.

I do not speak for every Bill fan when I say what I’m about to say but I know it will hit home.

Would I do this all over again?

Every “wide right” joke. Every joke about how the playoff drought was old enough to drive. For every Nathan Peterman threw 5 INT comments.

The “FitzMagic” jokes. Even when everyone was doubting the Bills are better than the Browns.

For every person that comes up to me and asks if I jump through tables when I wear my Bills Mafia shirt.

For calling him “Norwide” instead of Norwood.

All the times I have had to watch the “Music City Miracle.”

Every cent I have spent on Bills merchandise. Every dollar I spent having to go and watch them.

This is for every “this is finally their year” after finishing October with a winning record only to plummet down the stretch.

For that 6-3 home loss to the Browns. Every crippling loss in the Rex Ryan era. Every god awful game in the Chan Gailey era.

For every year where just beating the Patriots was “good enough.”

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Would I do all of that again?

Would I sit through all those painful moments?

All the heartbreaking losses on Monday Night Football.

The JP Losman days. The Thad Lewis days.

Would I sit and watch every single one of those games and grind through all those brutal years while still openly rooting for the Buffalo Bills and remaining loyal when it even looked like they were destined to play in Canada?

If you asked me, would I do it again?

All 17 seasons just for this moment. Just to watch them in the playoffs again.

If it had to be done this way and you had warned me, would I do it all again?

In a heartbeat. I know you all would too.

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So, no matter what happens in the game on Sunday, just enjoy this moment.

This joyous and historic moment is for all the god awfully terrible ones.