Buffalo Bills: Preview, notes, and Bills Mafia’s thoughts ahead of Dolphins game


The Buffalo Bills do not control their own destiny for the NFL Playoffs but, for the first time this decade, have a chance to make the post-season going into Week 17.

The Buffalo Bills roll into South Beach with an 8-7 record. Their opponent, the Dolphins, sit at 6-9. They are officially eliminated from January football.

The Bills and Dolphins played each other just a few weeks ago with the Bills getting the better of their AFC East rival.

Keys to beating the Dolphins this time are much different. The home field advantage for the Dolphins is key.

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Buffalo has a lackluster record on the road this year including two division road losses already.

The Bills’ defense played great play-making football vs Miami earlier in the year and one would have to think turnovers are going to be the key again.

Miami is a much better home team as well. They will try to close out the year 5-3 at home.

There are not many stories surrounding this one aside from one:

The Buffalo Bills can still make the playoffs with a win.

It is more simple than it has been all year for the Bills. But they do need the following things.

A win vs the Dolphins AND a Ravens loss OR a win and a Chargers AND a Titans loss.

The Bills are the only one of the four teams who is playing on the road. Rough.

The common factor in all scenarios though? A Bills win.

It’s unfortunate to need to rely on other teams’ success to help you get in the playoffs but that is what the Bills must do.

We could all go back and circle games that left the team and fans scratching their heads as “the game that cost them the playoffs” but a loss to the Dolphins will make that the game that cost them.

Bills Twitter has been on fire all week, justifiably so.

I ran a Twitter poll asking if the Buffalo Bills would make the playoffs that got 94 votes.

The choice “Yes” won the poll but it’s the replies that really shows how Bills fans feel about the season, and current playoff situation.

Here are some of the best responses:

The final response hits the nail on the head with a ton of great points. I agree with this Twitter user. There is just this feeling in the air. There is this tone that the players finally seem they care.

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It’s not often the BIlls are in this position. The response is overwhelmingly positive.

The only concern amongst Bills fans I see going into the regular season finale is the QB situation. Tyrod Taylor had another poor game. Tyrod failed to throw a TD pass against the Pats all season (with some help from the refs.)

Despite it all, the Bills are where they are and Tyrod is a big reason for it. I took a stance about it on Twitter myself.

I felt the need to address the one pertinent issue amongst Bills fans this year.

Some more good news is that the Bills come into this one almost perfectly healthy. The only player listed as officially out is a corner Shareece Wright.

Both of these teams have seen one another this season and it was recently. The Bills know what they have in Tyrod and the Dolphins know what they have in Jay Cutler.

This week is just all about enjoying the moment for Bills fans. Its been a while since a game this meaningful. Regardless of the outcome, just enjoy it.

Don’t let the Buffalo Bills ruin your New Year.

PS: Let’s hope they get it done and end the drought, if not for the fans than for Kyle Williams.