New York Yankees Fan’s Thank You Letter to Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi, New York Mets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Joe Girardi, New York Mets (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Yankees and Joe Girardi are parting ways. I’m certainly upset and agree with all of the articles being written, yelling at the Yankees for letting Girardi go. However, someone needs to tell Joe how much we appreciate him. So here’s a thank you note to the great Joe Girardi.

Dear Joe Girardi,

On behalf of all New York Yankees fans, I want to thank you for ten great years as Yankee manager.

As you know, we New York sports fans demand greatness and championships and can sometimes underappreciate what we have. I believe the Yankee organization made that mistake on Thursday.

Over the past ten seasons, you led the New York Yankees to the best record in baseball and brought us a 2009 World Series championship.

You’ve turned rosters that looked more like baseball retirement home attendance sheets into playoff contenders and brought a “retooling” team one win shy of a World Series appearance.

Since your parting of ways with the Yankees, much of the press has been blaming the team for making such a huge mistake. While I 100% agree that New York will regret moving on from you, I wanted to take the time to thank you rather than yell at Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner.

As great a man as you are, I’m sure you’ll never say a bad word about Cashman or Steinbrenner or the Yankee organization. But it’s okay for you to be mad. I know I am.

What you did with the 2017 New York Yankees was nothing short of masterful. Including the playoffs, you won 98 games! This roster was not built to win that many games.

Sure, you messed up in Game 2 of the ALDS. Big deal! You won that series anyways! I’d like Cashman and Steinbrenner to show me a perfect manager.

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I’m sure they’ll try but they won’t succeed. As a Yankees fan, I hope they do find someone to lead this team to their 28th World Series title, but I have no doubt you could have been the man to do it.

What that 2017 New York Yankees clubhouse had was special. Sure, Todd Frazier could leave via free agency. As could CC Sabathia and Matt Holliday. But even if the 25-man roster is the same next year, they won’t be able to replicate what this team had without you.

Perhaps Rob Thomson or Tony Pena will take over and maintain as much of the culture as they can. But we will miss you, Joe. We will miss you.

Thank you for all the success and all the memories. Best of luck with whatever you take on next. And most importantly, go enjoy some time with your family.

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It’s been real. It’s been fun. And you know what? It’s been real fun.

Again, from all of us New York Yankees fans, we thank you for everything you’ve done.


New York Yankees fans everywhere