New York Jets at Miami Dolphins: Immediate thoughts and observations

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Cody Parkey (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 15: Cody Parkey (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets lost 31-28 to their rival Miami Dolphins. Here are our immediate thoughts and observations.

The New York Jets had the opportunity to sweep the Miami Dolphins. They were leading in the game, even late, but a furious comeback by the Miami Dolphins led them to a 31-28 victory in regulation. There was a lot more scoring than expected by both teams, and it was 28-28 late in the game. An interception thrown by Josh McCown late led to the game-winning field goal by Cody Parkey.

Final. 31. 59. 28. 30

Here are our early thoughts and observations as the Jets fall to 3-4:

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  • The team improved in the running game. The Jets netted 92 yards on the ground. Was it a top game? No it was not, but it was far better. Bilal Powell led the way with nine rushes for 43 yards and Matt Forte ran seven times for 41 yards. There seemed to be some bigger holes available and both Forte and Powell looked faster.
  • Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye are learning. After the first few games, people were  anointing Jamal Adams for the hall of fame, and Maye was not far behind. You would think they walked on water. They don’t. They went back to school in coverage, like they did (especially Adams), against Rob Gronkowski. They will get better, but they must play and learn. They will have their growing pains, though, so be ready.
  • Josh McCown is limited. I think we knew this fact already, but it reared its ugly head at the end of the game. The interception he threw in the Jets red zone was about as bad as he could possibly throw one. The mistake cost them the game. It was the one thing they couldn’t do, take an interception. Bad, Josh.
  • Cameron Wake is a beast. Wake recorded 2.5 sacks and it wasn’t too difficult for him, at least judging by the naked eye. When given open lanes he will be at the quarterback bothering him before you know it. Wake has to be accounted for at al times or he is going to cause problems.
  • Pass rush got going. It was only three sacks, but it was a welcome sight. Sort of like a drought, one rainfall is not that helpful but it IS when you look at the grand scheme of things. One day with three sacks does not fix the problem but it certainly sets the team on the right direction.
  • The tight end was good again. Austin Seferian-Jenkins is one talented young man. He added yet another touchdown this week, giving him three consecutive weeks with a touchdown. ASJ really does have things turned around and it is fun to watch.

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The Jets sit at 3-4 and last in the AFC East. Next week, they head on home to face Matt Ryan and the defending NFC Champions, the Atlanta Falcons. The schedule gets no easier as the team tries to remain relevant through the middle of the season. We shall see how it goes.