Buffalo Bills: Analyzing the 2017 season to date

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 8: Tyrod Taylor /
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ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 01: Jerry Hughes #55 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 01: Jerry Hughes #55 (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Wins

The Bills beat the New York Jets in week 1. At the time it looked as if Gang Green was on track to lose 14 or more games. But after week six they sit at 3-3.

The Jets quality of schedule is nothing to boast about but they still executed and won the games.

The Jets are still going to lose more than ten games but does that make the Bills’ dominant win against them mean anything less? No.

It was a great win and a positive way to start the season. The Bills should beat the Jets, they did in September, and should again in November.

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The Bills beat the Broncos for their second win of the season. At the time this win looked like a huge deal.

Still a huge conference win at home regardless of the point I’m about to make.

The Broncos do not have a real QB. Trevor Siemian has promise (maybe) but he is likely not the answer.

Denver plays in a tough division. They have a home heavy first few games and played pretty well.

However, the Broncos just lost at home to the lowly Giants.

Tyrod Taylor played the game of his life against the Broncos that Sunday afternoon. The Bills deserved that win regardless.

But when it comes to the playoffs the Broncos might be on the outside looking in.

Credit to the Bills, but only time will tell if the win is as impressive as it was the time.

The Bills’ most recent win was their W over the Falcons.

The Bills winning that game on the road vs the NFC Champs is probably the biggest road win of the 2010s for the Bills.

However, The Falcons just lost at home to the Dolphins after their bye week and after blowing a 17 point lead.

I watched that game and couldn’t help but think are the Falcons just bad? Probably not. But the Falcons doing the same thing they did to the Bills to the Dolphins, was discouraging.

The Falcons might not make the playoffs. The Bills beating them is huge, but to think for a second that the Bills just beat a bad team is a realistic possibility.

Lets analyze the losses: