New York Yankees: Is Didi Gregorius better than Derek Jeter?

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 11: Didi Gregorius
CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 11: Didi Gregorius /

Didi Gregorius powered the New York Yankees into the ALCS with his two home-run performance in game five against the Indians. His showing in the decisive game five allowed for some hot takes considering Gregorius as Derek Jeter’s better replacement, so is it true?

Game five was when New York Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius came to life. In the first three innings Gregorius hit two home runs ultimately taking Corey Kluber out of the game. Never before had I seen Didi as Derek Jeter’s replacement but after his game five showcase I think it’s time to accept the new shortstop as the successor to the great Derek Jeter.

The star shortstop is doing things Jeter never did and he is a better defender than Jeter ever was. In the 155 postseason games Derek Jeter played in over the span of his career, never before did he hit two home runs in one game. Nor did he ever reach the 25 home run mark in any of his 19 seasons with the Yankees like Gregorius did this year.

However, even with his 25 home runs in the regular season, and his three so far in the postseason, Didi Gregorius hasn’t done something Jeter did, win five championships. Gregorius may be helping the Yankees to their 28th championship, and his first, but until he gets a few I don’t think we can compare him to the Yankee great.

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The numbers don’t always tell the full story and that is the case when you are comparing anyone to Derek Jeter. Jeter was the Yankees captain and he played in 23% more postseason games than anyone in MLB history.

As clutch as Gregorius was last night, I think it is fair to compare him to the player he replaced, but until he gets two or three rings under his belt I don’t think there is much of an argument.