New York Jets: Christian Hackenberg experiment may already be over

New York Giants. Giants defense celebrates (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Giants. Giants defense celebrates (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

It may already be over for Christian  Hackenberg with the New York Jets.

The New York Jets are in a season at a crossroads. They have to figure out what they have in the building and decide how to build for the future. We know that Josh McCown is not part of the future, at least not more than a year or so. The Jets have to decide whether or not they have a future quarterback in the building.

Yesterday, we talked about why it is time to play the young quarterbacks. It’s clear that the Jets aren’t going anywhere. McCown could do more good sitting on the bench teaching the young players than he can on the field. He hasn’t been an embarrassment, but the Jets aren’t gaining much by having him on the field. Let’s start the decision-making process regarding the quarterback position.

What if that decision has already been made, at least in part? Recently, head coach Todd Bowles talked about Bryce Petty‘s depth chart status (via

"“Bryce has been two,” Bowles said. “I just didn’t feel like playing him the first week. He had a full week of practice, I didn’t like the way it looked, so I held him out.”"

Continuing the thought, look at this tweet from Connor Hughes of

This is good news for Petty, but what about Christian Hackenberg? The direct implication is that Hackenberg will remain the third string quarterback and not likely dress on game day. The indirect implication is the fact that they have no confidence that Hackenberg can get the job done.

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Bowles was asked if Hackenberg could be a productive starter in the NFL. Take a look at what he said (via Rich Cimini of ESPN):

"“He has to work his way up there,” he said. “He has a lot of football to play, and he has a lot of chances to grow. So as he gains experience, we’ll see.”"

That is not the answer of a coach that believes in his young quarterback. Bowles is trying to be polite but clearly doesn’t believe in Christian Hackenberg. He is third string because Bowles doesn’t want him on the football field. If he was good enough to play he would be the second string.

Hackenberg can’t cut it and the team already knows it.

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At some point, Petty will get a long look. Look at how he played in the preseason. He earned it. Hackenberg might get a look just for the sake of giving him one. Unless something drastic happens, that will be the only reason. Hackenberg has not earned a look, and really never has. His days are numbered and the Jets already know it. You can’t win them all when it comes to draft picks. The Jets lost this one, and they already are aware.