New York Jets: How Did They Do in 2016 NFL Draft Re-Grades?

Mel Kiper Jr. of recently re-graded the 2016 draft class. What grade did the Jets receive on his re-grades?

After the 2016 NFL Draft, there were questions about the 2016 draft class for the New York Jets.

In the first round, the Jets selected linebacker, Darron Lee. Coming out of college, Lee projected like he would be an excellent coverage linebacker. However, he struggled as a rookie.

While the Lee pick didn’t generate too much controversy. Drafting Christian Hackenberg certainly did. At Penn State, Hackenberg played well as a freshman, but he didn’t play well the following two seasons. In the NFL, we have yet to see Hackenberg play a snap in the regular season game.

Following the draft, Kiper gave the Jets a grade of a B-. After 2016, Kiper dropped the Jets’ grade to a C in his re-grades. Here’s what Kiper had to say.

Let’s start with the obvious: Round 2. I wrote at the time, “I don’t think the value range is too bad for Christian Hackenberg if they feel he can be a starter. I think Hackenberg can get there, but he needs a lot of work with Chan Gailey. I think it’s an awful idea to throw him out there early.” Well, apparently the Jets agreed, because Hackenberg barely even got in uniform. That he’s a total mystery and the Jets are letting it be known that they’ll look hard at QBs in this draft is pretty telling. I had Connor Cook rated higher (and said so at the time), and while I don’t suspect Dak Prescott would have played nearly as well in New York as he did in Dallas, fans can always wonder.

The re-grade of a C might be a bit too generous for the Jets on Kiper’s re-grades. The production, or lack thereof, from the first and second round picks is disappointing. Lee was one of the worst linebackers in the NFL, and Hackenberg didn’t step on the field.

While Hackenberg still might be able to make a career for himself, him holding a clipboard all year with the struggles at quarterback for the Jets is concerning. The 2016 draft class is still very young, but they certainly didn’t impress in year one.