New York Knicks: Four Options For No. 4 Pick In 2015 NBA Draft

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Second Option: Draft Latvian Forward Kristaps Porzingis

Jan 10, 2015; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks president Phil Jackson addresses the media before the start of game against the Charlotte Hornets at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the draft process, I, for one, was a person that thought the Knicks should avoid Porzingis at all costs. The success rate for International players selected, especially this high, is not very strong. The Knicks also just went through a first hand experience with an underachieving international player that was a top pick in Andrea Bargnani. But as the draft process has gone on, and more information about players has become available, selecting Porzingis with the fourth overall pick has been something I have warmed to.

Porzingis should be the Knicks’ second option with the fourth selection because if he is there, it more than likely means that Towns, Okafor and Russell are off the board. Porzingis would be a bit or a developmental pick, as he is as far as any prospect from having an NBA body, but the tools are there.

He stands over 7-feet-1 inches tall without shoes, which becomes an even more intimidating presence when wearing his sneakers. In addition, he has a 7-foot-6 inch wingspan, which means he could be a difference maker on the defensive end, either at the rim or in the passing lanes.

Offensively is where he becomes extremely intriguing. He has a nice jump shot with deep range, and with his size it will be nearly impossible to defend. Also, he will have a speed and athleticism advantage over basically anyone guarding him, as he will be defended by either power forwards or center, many of which are not comfortable being on the perimeter where he operates best.

There are many people that believe Porzingis will be the top prospect in this draft class, as Towns is the only player with a ceiling either higher, or as high as the one he possesses. The question is, does Jackson and the Knicks have the patience to see Porzingis grow and develop? With Anthony as the centerpiece, the answer seems to be no as the Knicks look like a club in win now mode. But the potential fit for him in this offense, and the potential he possess may be enough to sway management’s thinking into selecting him.

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