New York Yankees: Slade Heathcott can be good trade bait


First, this is not a New York Yankees rumor. This is something I have created in my head, an original idea. Not something floating in the air from Brian Cashman’s phone to someone else’s.

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Second, Ugh. Man, has this season given you hope and then ripped your heart right out of your chest and shown it to you. From first place to losers of 9 of 10 games. Yet, they are playing in the weakest division in the MLB, so they are still hanging around. This season has been more than interesting for the Yankees and their fans.

Strengths entering the season, such as defense, have become part of the problem. Question marks, like the health of their stars (i.e. Masahiro  Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury) continue to linger. However, it’s not all bad. Mark Teixeira is hitting above his body weight for the first time in 2 years. Alex Rodriguez is gunning for Comeback Player of the Year. This season has already seen years worth of ups and downs. The only thing that has been consistently good has been the bullpen. Despite all the ups and downs, the Yankees currently sit atop the AL East standings. If they are still in the same position by the trade deadline, or close to it, you can bet the Yankees will make some deals.

One thing that absolutely needs fixing, is the infield. Guys like Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius were supposed to be defensive studs and that was to make up for their “lacking” abilities at the plate. However, Gregorius has been nothing short of awful in his season replacing Derek Jeter. His inability to field and hit have been a huge disappointment. If the Yankees are going to make the playoffs, they need a middle infielder who at the very least can field decently and hit. Currently their middle infield is a liability on both ends.

What can the Yankees give up? I don’t believe they can or will move one of their big three prospects in: Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, or Gregory Bird. Considering the Yankees have committed 6 more years to Jacoby Ellsbury, center field seems to be locked up. With Judge’s ETA looking around 2017, when Carlos Beltran‘s contract is up, that leaves all the outfield spots spoken for. Slade Heathcott getting moved up, even with his new stint on the DL, he can showcase himself and become an attractive young commodity while Ellsbury is out. Hopefully Heathcott could be dealt, along with another piece, for a 2nd basemen or a shortstop.

Whatever the case maybe there will most likely be a Yankees trade deadline move. Hopefully it won’t be for top prospects and they can turn a guy like Heathcott into some help for the postseason.

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