2015 NFL Draft: Former New York Giants Kicker Lawrence Tynes Takes Shots At Denver Broncos’ Shane Ray


2015 NFL Draft: Lawrence Tynes Takes To Twitter To Share Thoughts On Shane Ray Being Selected By The Denver Broncos

Former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes may be known by some people as the player who got a staph infection as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that ultimately ended his career. Since he isn’t playing football anymore, he become quite a follow on Twitter. Tonight he provided some ‘insight’ during the NFL Draft, zeroing in on the Denver Broncos and their first round selection, defensive end Shane Ray from Missouri.

Ray, who many people were pulling for heading into the 2015 NFL Draft, had a slip up on Monday. He was cited for possession of marijuana after being pulled over for a traffic violation in Missouri. There will be many people that point out the connection between Ray being selected by the Broncos, who play in Colorado where marijuana is legal. One was Tynes, who delivered a stinging tweet towards Ray and the team that selected him.

Ray is a good fit for the Broncos, who are looking to some pass rushing help opposite of DeMarcus Ware. Ray originally was looked at as a lock for the first round, as he was put in the group of best pass rushers in this year’s draft class. The problems he faced Monday put that in real jeopardy though, as Ray plummeted out of the top-10, and tumbled down the draft boards.

The Broncos then pounced on the opportunity to take Ray, trading center Manny Ramirez, a 2015 fifth-round pick and 2016 fifth-round pick and the 28th pick in tonight’s draft to the Detroit Lions to move up to 23. Because of where he was coming from, Ray was someone everyone was rooting for. Monday’s speed bump put a little bit of a damper on that, as a number of analysts were extremely disappointed in his decision making so close to the draft, costing himself millions of dollars.

While he could still be a feel good story for some people, he opened himself up for some obvious shots, which Tynes would continue to add to shortly after his first shot was fired.

Some people may scold Tynes for what he has said, but he has shown in the past he is not one to hold back on social media; he is free to express himself however he feels on his social media account. Also, Ray put himself in this position with his actions and has to deal with whatever follows, including some ribbing from people on social media.

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