New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Has the Media Crazed


Love him or hate him, the media can’t stop talking about Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.  The former MVP has consistently been entrenched in the news, for better or for worse, in recent years.

Until recently, much of that news has been centered around controversy.  Today, Rodriguez has been gaining media traction for his on-field performance, starting hot with 4HRs and 11RBIs in 14 games played this season.  Nonetheless, many reporters don’t know what to make of his recent strong play.

Many are excited, forgiving, skeptical, and still angry.  These feelings are evident in the news.  Check out 5 of the latest headlines on the Yankees’ star player:

1. RollingStone:  The Suddenly Unstoppable Alex Rodriguez   (4/21/15)

2. USA Today:  Alex Rodriguez ‘having time of (his) life’  (4/21/15)

3. The Washington Post:  Alex Rodriguez’s Hot Start Likely Won’t Last for the Yankees (4/20/15)

4. NBC Sports:  You Don’t Have to Trust Alex Rodriguez.  Nothing requires you to do that at all. (4/20/15)

5. The Wall Street Journal:  When Will Alex Rodriguez’s Power Bill Come Due? (4/20/15)

So, what should we make of these headlines?  Clearly, a continued fascination with the 39-year-old slugger, and it’s not just reporters.  Rodriguez also has social media buzzing.

These headlines illustrate that both the media and sports fans are the most forgiving and spiteful populations on the planet.

Why? Because we love 2 things: controversy and spectacular play.  So, predictably, if A-Rod continues to play well, we will return him to “superstar” status at the end of the season.  Conversely, if his performance declines, he will likely be re-characterized as a PED-slinging cheater.

Skeptical?  Check out these 5 headlines from the last 2 years:

1.  NY Daily News:  Alex Rodriguez Can’t Stop Lying (1/12/14)

2.  Yahoo! Sports:  Yankees star Alex Rodriguez joins Lance Armstrong as Titan of Sports Disgrace (1/29/13)

3.  USA Today:  Nightengale: A-Rod’s Spotlight has Dimmed for Good (1/12/2014)

4.  Fox Sports:  A-Rod Suspended Through 2014 (3/28/14)

5.  Time:  The Stream is over.  A-Rod admits to manipulating drug tests (11/5/2014)

Exhibit A:  the same large-scale media outlets completely attacking A-Rod’s character with catchy headlines.  Why?  Because the media follows the trends and loves the drama.

What drives millions of people’s fascination with 1 human being, we will never know.  But for Rodriguez, love him or hate him, we can’t stop talking about him.  So, A-Rod, since you’re playing well, you’re safe…for now.

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