NBA Power Rankings Playoff Edition: Brooklyn Nets Come In Near The Bottom

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Apr 15, 2015; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez (11) shoots a free throw during the third quarter against the Orlando Magic at Barclays Center. Brooklyn Nets won 101-88. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

14. Brooklyn Nets (38-44) 8th Place In Eastern Conference

The Nets just squeaked into the playoffs by defeating the Orlando Magic the last night of the season and the Indiana Pacers fell to the Memphis Grizzlies. They were one of the hotter teams at the end of March and into April, but limped into the playoffs as they played some bad basketball the last week of the season. They will be the opponent of the Hawks in the first round, who they get swept by in the regular season. But, this is a veteran laden team that has some playoff experience and know what it takes to win a playoff game.

They don’t have great success as a group, but their head coach, Lionel Hollins, as some success from his time with the Grizzlies. With the likes of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, the Nets have the talent to perform, they just don’t seem to be able to put it together consistently. If you ask Paul Pierce, it is because Williams isn’t the type of player that shines in the spotlight. That may be true, but with running mates like Lopez and Johnson he shouldn’t have to do it alone.

13. Milwaukee Bucks (41-41) 6th Place In Eastern Conference

Right there with the Celtics as the biggest surprise team to make the postseason. With Jason Kidd as head coach, something clicked for this young team as they went from worst team in the NBA with 15 wins last season, to sixth seed in the Eastern Conference this season. This season could have actually been even better had a trade at the deadline not caused a bump in their season.

The Bucks finished seven games under .500 after the deadline as they got acclimated to their new teammates, namely Michael Carter-Williams running the point instead of Brandon Knight. Carter-Williams has been as inefficient as they come since he entered the NBA, but the Bucks looked to be figuring things out near the end of the season, finishing with wins in three of their last four games to clinch a .500 record. Like the Wizards last season, the Bucks could cause some problems against the Bulls and should not be overlooked.

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