New York Rangers Can’t Overlook Anyone in NHL Playoffs


With last night’s victory over the New Jersey Devils, the New York Rangers have secured their playoff berth by separating themselves as the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, claiming home ice advantage throughout.

Coming into this season the Rangers were on a mission. They wanted to prove to the world and more importantly themselves that last year’s appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals was planned, however this year leaving with the cup is the expectation.

With pieces added to the puzzle such as newcomer Keith Yandle, who will help “defend” their goals, in more ways than one. What is just as important as avenging last season, is keeping the balance of expectations and preparation. Coming in as the best seed most of these expectations are also brought upon the Rangers beyond what they create themselves. A top seed is supposed to win, and win often.

What comes with being the best, you are asked to always be at your best. What the Rangers need to do is humble themselves as they are just another team trying to advance. Each team needs to be treated like their last opponent, because at any point it can be.

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We saw first-hand how overlooking your opponent can end up to hurt or even end your season, ask Kentucky’s basketball head coach John Calipari, as he neglected to even show film of the team that became the victor in the Wisconsin Badgers, simply put they over looked Wisconsin and got punched in the mouth.

With that in mind the Rangers are more than likely going to play the Boston Bruins, one of, if not the most successful playoff team in hockey history. Let alone the fact the Boston and New York rivalry can never be scripted, the Bruins have the Rangers’ number this year, beating them two out of three times.

Entering the playoffs, it’s a new season. Although the Rangers were the best in the regular season, every team is entering with a clean slate. What is done before the playoffs decides your invitation to the prom. The teams that can take one team at a time, one game at a time, will have the best chance of being crowned.

The world was shocked last year when the Rangers made it to the finals, this year the only way they can shock the world is if they don’t make it to the finals.

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