NFL Mock Draft Top 10: How It Affects New York Giants, New York Jets

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May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Jets fans Winston Hatta poses for a photo before the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned before, the Jets would be very content if Beasley drops to their spot at No. 6. He provides another dimension the Jets need in order to establish a top notch defense under new coach Todd Bowles.

The Giants could also use him, but a trade with the crosstown rival Jets is not likely to happen.

The Giants could use the services of White, but his similarities to Odell Beckham Jr. make it unlikely for them to trade up two spots to take him. If a receiver is rated high on their boards, look for it to be Cooper rather than White.

The Jets made the trade for Brandon Marshall this year and paired him up with Eric Decker. White’s speed and ceiling could be compelling enough for the Jets to select him at No. 6 or move down if made a good offer.

The Giants are desperately in need of capable offensive linemen, and Scherff would immediately fill a void. However, trading up to take an offensive lineman does not seem very Giant-like.

The Jets have had trouble too on their offensive line recently, but I don’t believe that they would select a OL at their No. 6 slot. If they trade down, they wouldn’t select Scherff unless he was their highest value on their board.

Even though Cooper dropped on many boards, he would still be my top rated WR in the draft class. I have previously mentioned that the Giants should waste no time taking Cooper if he drops to No. 9 (their spot). With Victor Cruz coming off an injury, Cooper could compete for a starting position. If Cruz returns to his old self, the Giants would have the best three receiver combo in the NFL, which would create nightmares for defenses.

The Jets could be in play for Cooper at No. 6, but they seem content with Marshall and Decker as their receivers. Their main focus should be on who will be getting them the ball.

Peat could be in play for the Giants at No. 9, but he would have to be their highest rated player available then for them to select him. If all of the standout defensive players and Cooper are off the board by No. 9, then I can see GM Jerry Reese using the pick on Peat or Scherff.

Likewise, the Jets won’t spend a top 10 pick on an OL unless he happens to be their top rated player. I don’t see it happening unless they trade down.

The 2015 NFL Draft will be on April 30th, so keep an eye out if the Giants or Jets give out indications of what they may do on draft night. Anything is possible with surprising trades happening every year, so don’t be shocked if either team does not select at their original slot.

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