New York Yankees: 5 Predictions For The 2015 Season


With opening day for the New York Yankees right around the corner, here are my five predictions for their upcoming 2015 season.

1.Tanaka will win the AL CY Young award.

Masahiro Tanaka had a great first season in the Bronx that was interrupted by an elbow injury that sidelined him for much of 2014. Luckily for Yankee fans he did not require Tommy John Surgery, instead choosing rehab. With elite pitchers Max Scherzer and Jon Lester moving to the NL, and Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez getting older, I envision Tanaka having a dominating second year that will earn him the Cy Young award. He has had a year to adjust to the majors, and due to his success last year, he won’t have the same load on his shoulders to prove he was worth the massive contract the Yankees signed him to.

  1. Stephen Drew will have a rebound year

Stephen Drew didn’t sign a contract until after last season started. He had an off year hitting only seven homeruns, and was traded to the Yankees midseason, which just added more disruption to his down year. With a full spring training under his belt, and a full season ahead, I see him having a bounce back year. The short right field porch has always been advantageous for lefties, especially those with power. Additionally his familiarity with AL East pitching will help him rebound and give him a starting role at shortstop before the season is up.

  1. Mark Teixeira is done.

Players like Teixeira who offer a lot of valuable skills and versatility like great defense and the ability to switch-hit are my favorite. With all the injuries Teixeira has had, I think he will struggle once again, unable to be a major part of the team this year. Wrist injuries affect fielding and hitting, and linger as a player gets older. Switching a player’s position from catcher to first base, or a position player becoming a DH can mitigate injuries. Neither option would help Teixeira as he enters the final years of his contract.

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  1. Alex Rodriguez will have a better season than people expect.

A-Rod is so disliked; many fans would prefer that the Yankees just pay him to go away. While that would certainly remove a lot of distractions from the team, it would leave them without a proven righty power hitter off the bench. While much of his previous success is attributed to his steroid use, he did play well enough in Seattle to earn the record-breaking contract he signed with the Texas Rangers. By no means do I think he will return to the tainted star level he had before. I think as a pinch hitter he will make some key hits that will have some very reluctant Yankee fans cheering for him.

  1. Joe Girardi will win the manager of the year award.

I think Girardi is one of the top managers in the MLB. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Even seasons the Yankees don’t make the playoffs they are competitive. The Yankees are in a transition period without Derek Jeter, a lot of young pitchers on the staff, a new shortstop, and an unproven closer. Even if the Yankees don’t make the playoffs, I believe they will remain competitive, and make a lot of progress. Remember Girardi won NL manager of year won with a Florida Marlins team that finished 78-84. Look for some of his best work this season.

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