New York Giants’ Dilemma with Safety Position


With the NFL Draft approaching and the NFL Free Agency slowing down, the New York Giants are still unsure of what their safety position will look like for the upcoming season.

Three players that started last season became free agents, with Antrel Rolle having signed with the Chicago Bears, and Stevie Brown and Quintin Demps being free agents, ESPN reported. Nat Berhe and Cooper Taylor are the only safeties on the team’s roster, and the team has yet to sign another safety that is available.

There are options and opportunities to sign other safeties, in addition to the possibility of re-signing someone like Brown, or using other safeties on the team. Nonetheless, the relative vacancy of the position has still raised some worries within the personnel.

"“We have a couple of guys in the program including Berhe, who we really liked as a rookie and a special-teamer. We have injured players coming back that can help. But there’s concern, no doubt.” – Tom Coughlin At NFL Owners Meetings Wednesday"

Fortunately for the Giants, Coughlin sees potential and high hopes for Berhe, and believes that he has the skills to be successful.

“I think he [Berhe] can come down in the box, too,” he said. “We threw him into a lot of responsibility on special teams and I thought he handled it well. So he’s adaptable, he’s smart, he’s anxious and he’s eager for the opportunity, for sure.”

Though the team have injured players that will be returning to the field, we know that an injury can change the way a player performs, and it’s hard to tell whether they’ll be able to give their all or have limited playing time. Again, Brown would fit into this, as he struggled mightily to start the season as he returned from ACL surgery, but was looking to round back into form as the season wore on.

It can always be a risk starting a rookie, as we can see with the New York Jets‘ move to start rookie quarterback Geno Smith, his first year in the league.

But if Berhe, as Coughlin stated, can handle large amounts of responsibility without breaking down and can be flexible in the way he plays, it could work in their favor.

Luckily, the Giants have the NFL Draft to help them pick potentially talented safeties. The team would definitely have to be focused more on finding strong safeties than other positions.

In this year’s upcoming draft, although everyone has different opinions on this, the strongest safety in the pool of candidates is Landon Collins, a player from Alabama. He is a potential target for the Giants with their first round pick, ninth overall. Could the Giants want to add another younger player to the mix? We will have to wait until the draft to find out that answer.

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