New York Jets: First-Round Options in 2015 NFL Draft

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Option 5: Trade Down

The Jets have another option that could set them up for even more success in this draft and possibly future drafts. Several teams need a quarterback in this year’s draft. There are two teams in particular that could try and move up for a quarterback are the Browns and the Eagles.

Now, the Eagles may have taken themselves out of the running with acquiring Sam Bradford. However, with the offseason Chip Kelly has had and the rumored obsession he has with Mariota, anything is possible. If Philadelphia were to move up I would expect to see them ship this year’s first and second rounder, along with at least next year’s first. That would net the Jets with two additional picks and the ability for more movement in this year’s and next year’s draft.

The Eagles hold the 20th pick in the draft. That could still leave the Jets in prime position to take a pass-rusher, Ray, Thompson, or Dupree could fall, an ILB (who could one day replace DeMario Davis or David Harris) in McKinney or Perryman, a wide receiver in Strong, or an offensive lineman in Peat. All of which would help fill needs and still net future picks.

The Browns have a little more to offer in this year’s draft. They can move picks 12 and 19 to move up to 6. That would allow for the Jets to land a combination of players. Potentially pass rusher and offensive lineman, or any combination of the positions I have listed above.

What I would do: Options 2, 4, 5

I think the Jets should do 1 of 3 things. They should either draft an edge-rusher that can make this defense incredibly scary, solidify the offensive line to protect whoever is the signal caller, or trade down and take the best player available in hopes to fill a need as well.

Anyone of Collins, Fowler, Dupree, or Beasley would make me incredibly happy and this team that much better.

It’s hard to imagine the Jets messing up this pick. There are a lot of top tier players that fit what this team needs. Unless they take a corner or running back, I think many fans will come away happy with the first round of this draft.

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