New York Jets: First-Round Options in 2015 NFL Draft

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Option 4: O-Line

Not a sexy pick, especially in the top 10, but a needed one. Despite signing James Carpenter the Jets still need help on the O-line. While edge rusher is deep in this draft, offensive lineman does not appear to be. La’el Collins is being billed as the top offensive lineman in the draft. Many believe he has the skill and versatility to play both guard and left tackle in the NFL. This would be perfect for the Jets. They could follow what the Rams did last year with Greg Robinson. Draft Collins, slide him inside to left guard, then after D’Brickashaw Ferguson is either cut or retires move Collins to left tackle. You could also just draft Collins as a left guard and keep him there.

He shut down Fowler in LSU’s game against Florida this year. He moves down the field well in the run. Collins is a complete offensive lineman, whether he be utilized at guard or tackle in the NFL he will be a premiere lineman. With the Jets offensive line desperately needing retooling, adding a young versatile lineman is never a bad thing.

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