New York Jets: First-Round Options in 2015 NFL Draft

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Option 3: Wide Receiver

Even with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Jeremy Kerley, the Jets could wind up taking a wide receiver. If they decide to go with the best player available strategy there is a chance that Amari Cooper or Kevin White could be sitting on the board at pick 6. Taking one of these wide receivers could solidify this offense. It could also provide insurance if Marshall becomes a problem in the locker room and it will set the team up for the future after Marshall.

White is considered by many to be more physically gifted and having more potential than Cooper. Cooper on the other hand is considered to be the more crisp route-runner and NFL ready of the two. Either player would be a good addition to the Jets. Especially if Chan Gailey decides to run the spread and deploy several four wide receiver looks.

While I would not be opposed to taking one of these receivers at No. 6, there are other players I would prefer to add to the roster before them.

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