New York Jets: First-Round Options in 2015 NFL Draft

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Option 2: Edge Rusher

The second option they have is to draft an edge-rusher. Can you imagine this defense with a legitimate edge threat to the quarterback on every down? They have a secondary that is shaping up to be one of the best in the league and an interior-rush that is also top 10. Adding a player like Dante Fowler, Vic Beasley, or Alvin Dupree to the outside of Sheldon Richardson,  Damon Harrison, and Mo Wilkerson is the definition of the word perfection. In all of Ryan’s years here he never had a real outside threat. Aaron Maybin? Calvin Pace? No.

However, looking at last season’s Arizona Cardinals’ defense only two players had more than six sacks. Of those two only one was an edge-rusher. So there is a chance that Bowles may not value edge rushers as much as he relies on blitzing his defensive backs.

Before we write off edge-rusher as an option for pick  No.6 consider these two points. 1). Edge-rusher has been mostly ignored this offseason. Right now Pace is penciled in at a starting OLB. 2) This draft is going to have a lot of edge-rushers, both at the top of the first round and deep into this draft. Fowler, Beasley, and Dupree could all go in the top 10. One may fall and there are other Day 2 guys the Jets could take in the second. Depending on how the first 5 picks go, we could see an edge-rushing threat being taken and putting on green and white.

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