NBA Trade Deadline: Brooklyn Nets Deadline Losers


Brooklyn Nets Are NBA Trade Deadline Losers Once Again

Hours before the 3:00pm NBA Trade Deadline, the Brooklyn Nets had some big deals in the works. Seemingly everyone on the roster was available. Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett, Jarett Jack were the most talked about. What ended up happening was an epic disaster.

Let’s start with the good:

KG was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Thaddeus Young. This was a solid deal for both sides, as it allowed Garnett to return to the team where he began his illustrious career. The Nets acquired a much-needed, young, athletic player in Young.

Now onto the bad:

They had a deal in place to send Brook Lopez to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Reggie Jackson, Perry Jones III and Kendrick Perkins. Jackson was the centerpiece of the deal and the Nets would look to build the future of their franchise around him. Jackson seemed like the perfect fit. The Thunder wanted Lopez and Jackson has lost playing time since they acquired Dion Waiters.  Jones is a nice young player and Perkins was in there to make the money work.  At points during the day, this deal was as good as done.  However, in the final hour OKC started exploring other trade opportunities for Jackson. Out of nowhere the Detroit Pistons swooped in, trading Kyle Singler and D.J. Augustin to the Thunder for Jackson.

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Yet another trade that fell apart for Billy King and the Nets front office. It’s crazy to think about how many times Lopez has been rumored in trades and yet, never gets traded. You have to give Lopez some credit, as he has always handled these rumors professionally.

In addition, the Nets failed to move any of their big contracts (Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Lopez), which leaves them in pretty much the same spot as when the day began.  For weeks there had been rumors of interest in all three, but the Nets were unable to move any of them.  With the number of “big name” players who were dealt, it was an extremely disappointing afternoon for Brooklyn.  This has been status quo for the Nets. They excite their fans, just to let them down.

If they were able to move a big contract or two and get significantly younger, this would have been a successful deadline. Instead they showed exactly why they are in this spot in the first place.  What looked like it could have been a promising trade deadline for the Nets turned into yet another failure for this organization.

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