Brooklyn Nets: Lessons from first 52 Games

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4. The Nets seem to surprise you when you least expect it

Leave it to the Nets to give you surprises. Whether that means beating a top team or losing to a bad team, the Nets find ways to leave you baffled.

Take the game against the Chicago Bulls on December 30th, for example. Every person expected the Nets to lose against one of the best teams in the East when they played the Bulls. The Nets were unable to beat teams above .500 for much of the first half, yet they were able to get a quality win against the Bulls 96-82.

Shortly after that, the Nets lost seven games in a row (including losses to the 76ers and Pistons) and fans thought they were turning into the 2014-15 Knicks. However, the Nets surprised us by blowing out the Wizards 102-80 to break the losing streak. Then after getting blown out by the Clippers a few games later, the Nets managed to pull off a three game win streak, which coincidentally, began by a thrilling victory versus the Clippers.

Just when fans thought that the Nets had turned the corner, they were completely embarrassed by the Wizards 114-77.

In a season full of ups and downs, the Nets have not played to our expectations so far. They need to be consistent following the All Star break if they want to give the fans anything to be excited about.

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