Todd McShay Mock Draft: New York Giants Select Brandon Scherff Ninth Overall


Todd McShay Mock Draft: Giants Selection Will Strengthen The Trenches

After hitting on their first round draft pick last season with Odell Beckham Jr.the New York Giants will be under some pressure, at least from a fans perspective, to hit again with that type of player. Todd McShay will more than likely disappoint some fans with his most recent mock draft, having the Giants selecting Iowa Hawkeyes offensive tackle Brandon Scherff ninth overall.

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While fans may be a little disappointed with an offensive lineman being what McShay mocks to the Giants, deep down inside they know that is the foundation of the Giants and the right pick. Tom Coughlin, the coaching staff and front office know the Giants need to get back to basics, building their team in the trenches before everything else can begin clicking.

The offensive line is a clear need for the Giants, and has been the past couple of offseasons. After selecting Justin Push in the first round two years ago, the Giants need to continue getting younger along the offensive line. They also need to get more durability there, as age and injuries have caught up to the Giants along the o-line recently, which has also coincided with them missing the playoffs and struggling offensively.

Those are two things that Scherff would definitely bring to the team should the Giants use the ninth selection on him. He was a quarterback and tight end in high school, so he will have exceptional footwork and athleticism for the position. He has had some injuries, but is durable and can be counted on to be in the lineup week in and week out. He is strong, and has a nasty streak in him that coaches will love. It’s the type of nastiness that the Giants expect from their offensive lineman, the type that isn’t considered dirty but will undoubtedly get underneath the skin of opposing players.

Versatility is something the Giants value in their offensive lineman, and selecting Scherff would give them that. He might not necessarily play another position in the NFL, but selecting him would give them some options along the line. They could move Pugh to guard to replace John Jerry or Weston Richburg, who was selected to play center for the Giants. Scherff himself might not be versatile, but his selection would make the Giants offensive line such because they would be able to upgrade the whole with everyone possibly shifting across the unit.

Like all mock draft slots, this is one that could change drastically. For the Giants, this is an important offseason coming up as they have suffered through some poor seasons record wise. They have a lot of questions in free agency, as mainstays such as Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrel Rolle are free agents, and decisions are to be made as to who will stay and go. Those decisions will have a major impact on who the Giants will be selecting in the draft at the end of April.

Right now offensive line is the biggest need, but if they fail to retain Pierre-Paul or Rolle the needs for the Giants will change. This will be a fluid situation until the Giants send their card to the stage to make their pick official on April 30th.

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