How the A-Rod – Bonds Relationship Can Help the New York Yankees


Everyone has already jumped to conclusions the minute that word got out that Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees was taking cuts at a baseball training facility run by none other than Barry Bonds himself. Not only that, but A-Rod was actually TALKING to Bonds, too!

That surely means that they are comparing notes on just what form of testosterone gives the best results and works perfectly when stacked with that other substance in a 10-week cycle, right?


Did it ever occur to anyone that Rodriguez was just working towards his comeback after a full season on the sidelines due to his suspension? For all of the bad publicity that Bonds has had due to the accusations of performance-enhancing drug use, the all-time home run leader has always been a pure hitter and knows how to handle a bat. He is also familiar with injuries, something the 39-year-old Rodriguez has had to deal with a lot before the 162-game ban.

Sep 22, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez tosses his bat after striking out. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what Rodriguez does, the court of public opinion will continue to accuse him of using PEDs…even if he passes every drug analysis given to him. He will be booed on the road and by a number of fans at Yankee Stadium, as well, for his past. So he really has nothing to lose by reaching out to anyone and everyone who can help him out to have a productive 2015.

His own organization hasn’t exactly embraced his return, either. General manger Brian Cashman made the correct decision in re-signing third baseman Chase Headley and announced that he will be the starter at A-Rod’s old position, and that Rodriguez will be vying for a spot at designated hitter. There has even been talk of Rodriguez getting some time at first base to give Mark Teixiera a rest every once in a while.

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It is in Rodriguez’s best interest if he wants to continue his playing career to be as sharp and ready as he can be before reporting for Spring Training. He knows Bonds for years and the former San Francisco Giants outfielder has worked with other MLB players such as Pablo Sandoval, Michael Morse, Brandon Crawford and Dexter Fowler. Has there been any backlash from that?

Rodriguez has a lot to prove to himself, the fans and especially the naysayers. He is not ready to relinquish his old position just yet and will try to win it back through his performance on the field, and that will obviously help the Yankees in their pursuit of a postseason berth. If Bonds can give him even a few tips that help, picking the slugger’s brain will have been worth it.

Regardless of how others perceive it.

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