Expect One More Big Splash Signing From New York Yankees


Back in the days when George Steinbrenner was around, the New York Yankees did not worry about measly things such as a few million dollars to keep them from signing a top free agent. If he wanted a player, he merely outbid anyone else for him. But that is not the case these days and his son Hal – who is the principal owner and calls the shots – is a bit more conservative, especially with the implementation of paying luxury tax.

But the junior Steinbrenner brought back some good memories for Yankees fans when he spoke to reporters at the Owner’s Meetings last week by saying that any talk of his roster being set are premature and that there is plenty of time to make more improvements before the team opens Sprint Training on February 20.

"We’re always going to continue to improve; I’m not going to put a cap on it. We’ve certainly filled some holes that we had. We’ll keep going for the next few weeks. We’re still the New York Yankees, all you guys know that. We know what the fans expect; we know what the town expects. We’re not going to be afraid to spend money."

Steinbrenner had vowed to get back to the postseason without going way over their current payroll, but things change as the competition begins shaping their rosters.

This is a franchise that prides itself on World Series championships, and anything less is considered a failure. So while Steinbrenner’s earlier plans would have made signing an expensive top-tier starting pitcher such as Max Scherzer unlikely, he may end up pulling the trigger the longer the Detroit Tigers standout remains on the open market.

With CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira both coming off the books after this season, it may be a smart move to lock up a guy like Scherzer and go a little higher in payroll and the luxury tax for one year.

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The Yankees have what seems on paper to be a good starting rotation right now, but hardly one that will scare opponents. Sabathia is currently the ace on the depth chart, but he has been shaky and injury prone. Masahiro Tanaka was pitching lights out before a partially torn UCL in his pitching elbow put him on the disabled list until September. But if that ligament tears again, the righthander will need Tommy John surgery.

Michael Pineda will be solid if he is healthy and Chris Capuano was a stopgap move. Ivan Nova is another arm that has had success until undergoing Tommy John surgery and will not be back until May at the earliest.

Plugging in Scherzer would give the Yankees an immediate ace without worries. It is a move that George would have made on Day One of free agency and not care about the amount. If Scherzer is offered a more than fair deal at this stage of the offseason, it may be enough to get him in pinstripes.

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