Phil Jackson and Tex Winter Teach Triangle Offense


Inspired by our own Fansided Network’s Buckets Over Broadway’s post from yesterday, I dug deeper and found a video I watched just after Phil Jackson was hired as the New York Knicks president, when I was still trying to understand in detail how the triangle offense worked.

It’s a 20 minute long video of Jackson and Tex Winter (the creator of the triangle) along with other guys from the Los Angeles Lakers organization explaining to journalists how the offense flows – weak and strong sides, positioning, resetting the possession, ball and player movement, spacing, rotation and etc.

If you have the time and the interest to know more about the offense the Knicks will be running for at least the next five years, make sure to watch it. The final cut shows real game-plays after the coaches set it up.

Jackson won 6 championships with it in Chicago, 5 more in Los Angeles. One can only hope he does the same at least once in New York.