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New York Giants’ cornerback Prince Amukamara did an “AMA” on (ask me anything thread, where users ask questions about any and everything and he responds in a personal and casual way). Here are some excerpts of the top voted questions and answers. He talks about the Giants, chemistry among teammates, friends, faith, partying, Nebraska, his pre-game playlist and much more. Check out the link at the bottom for the full thread.

It’s a good read to get some insight into the mind of a pro football player. He is, after all, just human.

Q: “Who is the best QB you’ve faced since you have been in the league?”

A: “Tough question. Aaron Rodgers.”

Q: “…what’s the hardest part transitioning as a CB to the NFL? Also who do you think is the best CB in the game today?”

A: “The hardest part would be not touching the receiver after five yards and it is hard to determine who the best CB is because there’s no specific formula to doing being the best. Different guys do different things very well.”

Q: “What’s the biggest mistake you see rookies making when they first enter the league?”

A: “Spending their money on “wants” and not “needs”.” – This answer is followed by praises about his wisdom.

Q: “Who is the funniest person on the team?”

A: “Charles James and Eli is definitely up there too”

New Orleans Saints’ fan asks: 

Q: “What’s a better feeling – A clean sheet against a premier receiver or an interception against a top quarterback?”

A: “What about an interception against Calvin Johnson? Or a clean sheet against Tom Brady?

Q: “What’s your favorite memory from the 2012 Super Bowl run?”

A: “Meeting Katy Perry at the end of the game on the field.”

Note from the editor: Really Prince? That’s your favorite memory? From winning the Superbowl? Katy? Katy Perry?

Q: “What is the scariest part of the NFL?”

A: “Security. Not knowing when it is going to be your last play, or your last day on the team.”

Q: “Hey prince thanks for taking some time to answer some questions. I wanted to know which receiver last year gave you the most trouble while covering?”

A: “Calvin Johnson”

Q: “Do you listen to any music before a game?”

A: “Yes, I listen to Drake, Paramore and the The Chainsmokers.”

Q: “What team do you personally look forward to playing the most this season?”

A: “The Seahawks”

Q: “How is your relationship with the wide receivers on the roster right now?

A: “It’s been great. The chemistry on this team is the best I have seen since I’ve been here. We go up against our WR’s every day, so there’s always a bond there”

Q: “Prince, you say you look to improve this season (I personally believe you are an amazingly solid DB w/ great tackling). What aspect in your play do you specifically think you need to improve?”

A: “I would say catching the ball.”

To finish it up, he answers a very important question. Maybe the most important question a Colts fan has ever asked.

Q: “What happens on the bottom of a dog pile?”

A: “Thankfully I am not down there a lot. Actually, I never want to be down there. A lot of scratching, grabbing and pinching.”

Note from the editor: Pinching?

You can check out the entire Q&A here.

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