Another New York Mets collapse on the diamond. Why do we bother?


Yesterday, every Philadelphian celebrated a walk-off win, as Ryan Howard and the Phillies rallied from a one run deficit in the ninth to beat the New York Mets. I don’t know the exact total of New York Mets fans, we have on I would imagine the number is low compared to the amount of fans, that the legendary New York Yankees have. The Yankees are the team with twenty-seven world series championships and lets not forget the names like Jeter, Rivera, Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, and Mantle, who have worn pinstripes.

This latest New York Mets collapse made me think why would anyone bother liking the Mets? The Mets are a team with two world series championships and are no where close when you compare legendary players. There clearly is a better New York team within the city limits. Shouldn’t all New York Mets fans just move onto the better baseball team and stop caring about the Mets?

The answer is no. According to, loyalty is the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Loyalty is one of the greatest qualities a person can own. The reason being, because when you know someone is loyal, you can trust that person will be there for you. In life, all we truly want is great friends and family to be loyal to us and have our backs. Whether it be to talk to us when we are feeling down or to help us feel a little better when were are up. That’s what being a New York Mets fan is all about, it is about riding the highs and lows of a unique baseball organization.

Sure, the Mets don’t have the rich history of the Yankees. You may say the Mets are losers and only losers like the Mets. My response would be, that’s very rude of you to say, I’m still a human being and I have feelings. The New York Mets organization, still has feelings as well, you shouldn’t forget that.

The Mets keep their likability factor, because they continue to play their hearts out and that’s the draw of the organization. Sure, for the past five years or so we look at their roster and we assume this team probably won’t win a world series this year, but there is a small percentage of the Mets fan brain, that says why not us? Then, we get to July and August and the Mets don’t look like their out of the playoff race, just yet.

We see David Wright and Daniel Murphy performing at all-star levels. Then Mets fans, do the math in their heads and think to themselves, maybe this Mets team can make the playoffs this year. Then, by mid-September, we realize the Mets won’t make the playoffs once again. But, that’s what makes being a sports fan great, when you truly think about. Once we flip over the calendar and a new season begins, every fan thinks why not us?

Every team starts at 0-0 and this could be the year we become champions. Sports will always be the greatest form of reality television because it’s unscripted and unpredictable. That’s why my loyalty will always remain with the New York Mets and I know every New York Mets fan who reads this article will say the same thing, whether that makes us losers or not.