What Can The New York Giants Expect From Ryan Nassib?


Jim O – USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning is physically 100% and stated that he is feeling rejuvenated by the new offensive system implemented by Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo. That is great news. It means he will be around for a few more years as floor general. Nevertheless, the New York Giants need a solid back up QB as a safety measure in case something bad happens (knock on wood). Good roster depth is for the benefit of the whole team, including the starting players, who feel themselves challenged to improve even at an advanced age. If Eli turns out to be like his brother and play way into his 30’s, he will need to keep focused and professional.

So what about Ryan Nassib.

The 6’2 QB out of Syracuse has been a good prospect, but not much else. He was supposed to be the number two guy this season, but at this point he is far from it.

According to reports, coach Tom Coughlin is still on the fence when it comes to giving Nassib some playing time: “He’s learning, he’s progressing (…) sometimes the execution is there, sometimes it isn’t”.

What is the problem then?

Well, as seen from the interviews and reports from the training camp, Nassib has been a good learner in terms of getting the hang of the new offense. He is up to speed with the play book, but his execution is not there yet. His decision making is still too raw for the NFL. In a real game situation where things can’t always worked as planned, a pro QB has needs to be able to adapt, read the defense and make the right adjustments. Nassib seems to be lacking the confidence of calling his own shots and creating plays on the go – which is perfectly understandable, but not enough.

The main problem in my opinion is his accuracy. Nassib still can’t land a consistent set of passes. Even when everything works out or when he finally makes a right decision, the execution should be automatic, the throw needs to be an extension of his mind and he is not close to that place yet.

In order for him to be considered the go to guy if something bad happens, being able to step on the field and give continuity to whatever Manning leaves behind, Nassib will need to keep studying the playbook like it’s his bible and practicing the execution like his life depended on it. Then, and only then, he will be a reliable piece for the Giants 53-man roster, otherwise he will forever be a potential player and nothing else.

The helmet catch would not have been possible if Manning didn’t manage to get himself rid of the defenders and throw a pitch perfect pass without hesitation.