Tom Coughlin Has Every Reason To Be Worried


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Reporters who got to talk to head coach Tom Coughlin after day 1 of training camp said he was pretty impatient. The coach himself said he was pissed off at how things worked out during day 1.

Today, before the practices even started, GM Jerry Reese said he talked to the coach and had to calm him down under the argument that the team doesn’t want to “peak too soon” in the season.

Well, the way I see it, the coach has every reason to be worried, pissed off and displeased.

His job is on the line, for one. The New York Giants have missed the playoffs four times in the past five years and even though they did win a Superbowl, we are talking about New York and not some other small media market. Everything is blown out of proportion in New York, be it in football, basketball, baseball, you name it. Last season was even worse with the dismal 0-6 run in the beginning of the season. Coughlin’s contract was extended through 2015 along with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s contract. That means one thing: Bring us results, or your tenure as the Giants HC is done next year.

Ok, that said, he needs to show the world (and his bosses) that he is the guy for the job, that he is capable of making the franchise bounce back and have a productive year, even if it’s not a championship season.

So let the preparations begin!

Oh no, son-in-law and defensive reference Chris Snee did not manage to recover and is retiring from football all together. That is ok, we had a spending spree during free agency, a good draft, so we should be fine.

Oh no, Jon Beason – the guy who was supposed to be the starting LB, a player capable of executing the plan and adapting to offensive changes and reading his opponents, also a great locker room leader – got hurt. That’s ok, Jameel McClain is still out there and he is also capable of all those things, and he will be the go-to guy while Beason sits out – Oh no, he had to be carted off the field on day 1 of training camp (he is ok now and has practiced on day 2).

Well, at least we have the first round rookie. The rookie, supposed to be a west coast offense master, a guy so athletic he could be the starting WR and the starting kick and punt returner considering his ability to create plays out of the catch. He had a small hamstring strain during OTA’s but he’s young, he’ll be good for the camp. Nevermind, his hamstring is bothering him again and we don’t know how much time we need to sit him out in order for that to fully heal.

Ok, let’s look at the bright side. Eli Manning is 100% and feels “rejuvenated” by the new offense. But the offensive coordinator himself told the coach that the offense is not yet fluent among everyone, specially when players keep having to get out of practice due to heat related issues.

You see the pattern here?

Those small things keep chipping away at the coach’s confidence. Specially if you are a 67 year old coach with a do or die contract on your back.

I’m sure the small things will be resolved, but no doubt that the coach has every reason to be apprehensive about the 2014 New York Giants season.