The World Tips their Hats to Derek Jeter in New “Re2spect” Ad


As we come upon Derek Jeter’s last All Star game,, Nike Jordan released a commercial of the entire world tipping their hat to The Captain. We see many famous faces including Billy Crystal, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Phil Jackson, a blurred out Mr. Met, and even Carmelo Anthony. Can you imagine how this would look if he didn’t sign with the Knicks?

The ad acknowledges in a very moving way, how much Jeter means, not only to the Yankees, but to all of Major League Baseball.  Jeter is a true Yankee and the 2nd half of the season will be pretty emotional.

What some people are also forgetting is that not only are we losing Jeter, but we will also be hearing the last of Bob Sheppard at the ballpark. Sheppard, who was the Yankees public address announcer till 2007, has been heard on a recording, announcing Jeter’s up to bat.

Along with the rest of the Yankees fan base and the entire MLB, I tip my hat to you, Derek Jeter.

The commercial makes its television debut Tuesday night, during the All Star game on Fox.