Melo, Quit Playing Games With My Heart.


The title of this article comes from the legendary group the Backstreet Boys and their classic song in the year 1996. Remember, my articles use a heavy amount of sarcasm at times, so you be the judge on the first sentence I ended up writing. Although, I would love to write an article on the legendary and life changing history of the Backstreet Boys, I unfortunately write about New York sports stories. This story is about Carmelo Anthony playing tiddlywinks with the New York Knicks organization and Knicks fans.

Maybe, it’s the media’s fault for building up NBA free agency as the do all and end all of life in today’s NBA. The coverage of every single big time NBA free agent and what that player is doing every second of their life until that player signs with an NBA team is overbearing. I read Lebron James stepped on an ant while he was walking outside on the sidewalk yesterday. I don’t know who covered that story exactly, but it ended up being a big story. I’m surprised, if anyone reading this article ended up missing the coverage of that story.

In my opinion, the blame of NBA free agency being so overbearing goes to three groups: the media, the NBA teams, and the big time free agents. But back to Carmelo Anthony, the reason you are reading this article.

One of Melo’s stops on his free agency tour was Houston, Texas. In Houston, the Rockets put Carmelo’s face up on a video screen in front of the arena wearing a Houston Rockets jersey. This piece of overbearing stupidity strictly falls on the fault of the NBA team. Especially, when someone on your team already wears number 7, the jersey number that was put on Carmelo Anthony’s body on the video screen. Former Knicks great Jeremy Lin already owns that jersey number for Houston, so Houston is throwing Lin under the bus to get Anthony on their team.  That was just a pathetic attempt to get an NBA free agent on your team.

This free agent drama is also the fault of these big time free agents because they feel the need to drag their decision out until we reach a new ice age or until dinosaurs end up coming back to earth. I don’t want to say big time free agents are divas, but Carmelo Anthony does ask his wife to hold his heels when he changes his shoes.

My personal opinion is the Knicks need to let Melo go. What have the Knicks done with Carmelo Anthony on their team? They haven’t advanced past the first round once with Melo being apart of their roster. Let Phil Jackson shake up the roster completely and start with new players. You can say Melo is the second leading scorer in the NBA, which means he should be on the team, but scoring a lot of points in the NBA doesn’t equal winning in the NBA. If you watch a Knicks game you see Melo takes the majority of shots every single game and that’s why he is the second leading scorer in the NBA. This doesn’t make the Knicks a better team, I personally think it only makes the Knicks worse. The argument continues with Carmelo Anthony as people say he never had anyone else who is good to play with on his roster while he was in New York. Yeah, but true superstars make players around them better, so that sentence doesn’t make sense because as long as you have players who can dribble the ball and players who have made it to the NBA you have good players around you.

In the end though this decision lies in one man’s heart. I am nowhere near the contract negotiations for Carmelo Anthony, but, according to reports it sounds like Melo’s thought process comes down to what Lebron James is thinking about, then a decision by Melo will be made. Melo, good luck with your choice and remember to please quit playing games with Knicks fans heart – it only hurts your credibility.