Why Rutgers Football always seems to disappoint


If you have been a longtime fan of Rutgers Football, you are used to one thing: disappointment — Rutgers has yet to make it to a BCS Bowl game.  After this season, their chances of making it to a BCS Bowl game go down tremendously due to the fact that they are joining the Big Ten.

Rutgers is always inconsistent in their play and seems to always give their fans false hope on the upcoming season.  This is partly due to them playing teams like Norfolk State and Eastern Michigan in their first couple of games.  Rutgers always blows teams of this caliber out of the water. This makes their fans feel comfortable about the season, but as soon as they play a team like Louisville they lose.  Rutgers did beat Arkansas a few weeks ago, but was this really a dominant Arkansas team as we have seen in past years? No.  This Arkansas team Rutgers played was without their starting running back, and they clearly lacked a good passing game.

Rutgers always seems to be in the race to win their conference every year, but they constantly let their fans down by losing a game they should have won.  A great example of this was when Rutgers played Pittsburgh in their second to last regular season game of the year.  All Rutgers had to do was win this game against a mediocre Pittsburgh team and they would have won the Big East and gone on to play Florida in the Cotton Bowl.  But as I said, Rutgers seems to be pretty consistent in the way that they let their fans down by losing.  Even after this brutal loss, Rutgers found a way to depress all of their fans by losing in the last game of the season against Louisville.  You might say, “They were playing Louisville,” but what really should be said is “How were they not able to beat Louisville”.

You must remember that this game was played on a Thursday night at Rutgers, broadcasted by ESPN.  Normally, this would give a team such as Rutgers a huge advantage, but it clearly did not.  Rutgers was up by 10 at half against a Teddy Bridgewater that had a fractured wrist and rib, but Rutgers still found a way to lose.

You might even think back to the years of Ray Rice, but you should also remember how Rutgers let everyone down by not winning the Big East while Ray Rice was a Scarlet Knight.  If you have been a long time fan of Rutgers, you could probably agree with that Rutgers seems to have a type of curse on them.  It always seems as if they can never convert on that crucial third down, or have that big goal line stand when necessary.

The remainder of this current season seems dim, mainly because Rutgers will most likely play in a bowl game that means nothing, and while you are at a party watching the game with all of your friends, just remember how Gary Nova threw four interceptions and pretty much cost Rutgers the game against Louisville this past Thursday night.

The only way Rutgers has a chance at this point of making it to a BCS Bowl game, is either by an injury to Bridgewater, or if Louisville somehow makes it to the National Championship.