J.R. Smith bought a $450,000 Armored Truck


If you just signed a 4 year $24 million contract what would you buy?  Most of us would probably finally get ourselves that dream house, or maybe even a car. Some would love to take a long vacation.  Well, if you answered a $450,000 Gurkha f5 armored truck then you may have a lot in common with reigning sixth man of the year J.R. Smith.

According to the New York Post Smith, who’s recovering after surgery on his left knee in the off-season, rolled up to Meatpacking District restaurant Catch on Thursday night in a Gurkha F5, which is made by Toronto-based Terradyne Armored Vehicles and used by police and the military. Smith parked the oversize truck on the street while he dined inside.

You have to respect this move from J.R who could have taken the easy way out and bought a Bentley like every other NBA player.  But that’s just not J.R.’s style.  So if you are a fan of J.R. Smith I would camp out at a gas station in the New York city area since this behemoth probably gets .00001 miles per gallon, meaning J.R must have to fill her up quite a lot.