The salve to the only blemish in “the shield” is simple, move the Jets to Los Angele..."/> The salve to the only blemish in “the shield” is simple, move the Jets to Los Angele..."/>

Move the New York Jets to Los Angeles


The salve to the only blemish in “the shield” is simple, move the Jets to Los Angeles.

The NFL is king, even without a team in the second largest television market in the country. Moving the sideshow Jets to showtime Los Angeles seems like a marriage thought up in the dingy cave of some Los Angeleno up-and-coming screenwriter/hotel clerk. However, as farfetched it seems, it’s quite realistic.

Los Angeles already has a stadium and is in the process of funding another one. The most likely scenario is the San Diego Chargers move north up the 405, but Los Angeles doesn’t want the Chargers. Los Angeles was once a city dedicated to the Raiders and the Chargers were their sissy rivals two hours south. When the Raiders moved to Oakland, the fans either continued being Raiders fans or stopped watching football. That’s how much the Chargers are disliked in LA. The “Los Angeles Chargers” simply won’t stimulate an already over-stimulated consumer base. The leadership behind such a move knows this already, and that’s why the Chargers have remained in San Diego.

The players already spend much of their time in California.  First Mark Sanchez set up his “Jets West” camp after he was drafted.  Tim Tebow even flew out to participate last season.  This year it was uncertain if the “Sanchize” invited the man trying to steal his job, rookie quarterback, Geno Smith to camp.  But would Smith really want to learn from a quarterback who is responsible for the most turnovers in the league (52) the past two seasons?  Probably not.  The Jets shut-down corner Antonio Cromartie is also holding his own version of “Jets West” this off-season.  He’s invited the entire secondary to join him in what will be viewed as another step in Cro’s maturity.

Let’s face it Jets fans, our team hasn’t been the kindest to us. The last and unarguably the best thing they did was draft Darelle Revis in 2007. They’ve given us Rich Kotite, Vernon Gholston, the fake spike, the Butt Fumble, extremely expensive PSL’s, Brett Favre’s text messages and no Super Bowl appearances since 1968. Would we really miss them if the market forced us to watch the Giants?

I also find it hard to believe that Woody Johnson cares where the Jets play. To him, it’s a business and nothing more.  If Los Angeles called he would listen. Imagine the storyline then, when disgraced USC quarterback returns home and leads his team to a Super Bowl…only in Hollywood.