Brooklyn Nets Fans: It’s Officially Time To Panic


While Daryl Morey fevericiously attempts to create NBA 2k type trades those within the Nets organization have to be feeling the heat. Deron is already 50/50 on staying with the team and most NBA minds believe it will come down to whether or not Howard is a Net or not.

Howard has been trying to push himself to Brooklyn ever since Deron was moved to New Jersey and it became obvious the Magic title window had closed and the roster was an absolute mess thanks to former Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith. His relationship with Stan Van Gundy obviously didn’t help things either, but that’s beside the point.

Immediately following Mikhail Prokhorov’s purchase of the Nets the pressure was on for Prokhorov and company to spend the next couple of years focusing on making the move to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn as smooth as possible, but the lead up to the Nets move couldn’t be any more of a disaster at this point.

The most recent embarrassing moment came out this week after Gerald Wallace officially hit the free agent market and is unlikely to return to the team after Billy King traded for Wallace this season for the Nets lottery pick in this year’s draft. Not only could that pick have been useful in acquiring Dwight Howard but the Nets now have nothing to show for it after losing the pick and likely Wallace.

The year prior the Nets along with several other teams, including the Knicks, failed to lure LeBron to their organization and had to settle by giving Travis Outlaw an outrageous deal only to amnesty him the following year.

The one bright spot for the Nets over the past year and a half has obviously been acquiring Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz after his relationship with Jerry Sloan went sour, something Dwight Howard can relate to.

The Nets front office has had two years to formulate a plan for how they were going to make their move to Brooklyn start off hot, but these last two years for the most part have been nothing but failures. I say that because Daryl Morey has been playing a ton of NBA 2k12 this offseason and is willing to go all out to just RENT Dwight Howard.

The Rockets are in the worst place you can be in the NBA, the middle. With their current roster the room for growth isn’t very high and there are question marks all across the board on who’s worth keeping long term on that roster (Lowry, Dragic, Martin, Scola). Having watched Morey rip off the Knicks multiple times over the last few years (Jordan Hill trade ugh) Nets fans need to start sound ing the sirens because Morey is dealing right now to put together a package for Dwight new Magic GM Rob Hennigan just can’t refuse.

The interesting dynamic here is that both Morey and Hennigan have the same philosophies in terms of building a team. Both are great basketball minds and with Hennigan playing a big role in creating the current Thunder team he’s well aware of how important it is to build through the draft something Nets GM Billy King has been well aware of. Henningan is going to want to put his stamp on Orlando early and dealing with a disgruntled Dwight Howard is surely not something he wants to deal with long term.

The Nets have had two years to put together a package for Dwight Howard to satisfy Deron Williams and turn the Brooklyn Nets into must-see basketball but their window is closing and it’s closing fast with Darly Morey thirsty for star power in Houston.

Nets fans, it’s time for you too start to panic.