Syracuse Basketball: Former player Paul Harris to tackle the NFL?


When it comes to Paul Harris you could find so many different things to say about the guard who might have not even gone to college if not for the “one year rule” and then never panned out past his years at Syracuse. But the one thing that no one might have thought about is to say “Paul Harris is going to the NFL Combine”. Well, from a tweet by the former Orange player it seems that is going to be the case.

If this does come to fruition, since I am not sure it’s so simple to get an invite to the combine, and Harris, who has gone from D League to overseas and then back to the NBDL, gets a shot in the National Football League could this become a new trend, where franchises look at certain type of college players in basketball and lure them into a try out if they do not find a career in the NBA. The one thing that might be funny, or maybe sad, if the 6’4″/193 lbs former SU player was to make a team he might be the best player to come out of the Salt City during the Greg Robinson era.

All kidding aside, for people that follow Syracuse this could be one of the most interesting story when it comes to the NFL Draft. And for those that would like to know what head coach Jim Boeheim thinks about this, Brent Axe has said on his radio show that he will ask the SU coach about this after Wednesday night’s game, only exception being if the Orange were to lose. As always, if more comes out on this story I will make sure to put it up on the site.