Super Bowl: Where you can bet on anything…


If you love gambling, which I do not, the Super Bowl is a way to get all your betting in for the year with so many possible bets on this one game that it’s absurd to say the least. I am not even going to talk about the sports ones, which range from which team will win the coin toss, who is going to make the first first down (team and/or player), to who is going to score first (team and/or player), to what type of score it will be (TD or FG), to is the team that scores first going to win, or, of course, is the team that scores last going to win. I have spent about an hour reading all of these bets, and I have to say that it is mind boggling that people can come up with such creative things, and even more mind shattering that others will bet on them.

But then we get to the non sporting ones and that is where it becomes wild to say the least. Of course, I will give you some:

Will Kelly Clarkson take more or less than a 1 min 34 second to sing the National Anthem? And believe it or not that is just one of four questions about the singer, others include what type of shirt she will wear, will she forget one (or more words) to the anthem and my favorite, will we see her naked belly while she sings. I mean if you are going to blow your whole pay check the bare belly is the way to go, no? I can see it now “honey we cannot pay the bills since that damn Kelly Clarkson wore a shirt too small and exposed skin!”

But let’s move on there is so much more than just the anthem to bet on when it comes to the Super Bowl. The half time show, featuring Madonna, only has three bets on it, but if you made good cash on Clarkson betting on whether or not the ex superstar wears an NFL jersey or a hat or even fishnet stockings during the half time entertainment is surely a great way to spend your kids college tuition. Nothing like gambling on the 90’s rock stars to make the old heart skip a beat!

But enough with the musical part of this, let’s get to the relatives of the families, shall we. There are bets on how many times will Peyton Manning be shown during the game (3.5 is the O/U) and how many times Giselle Bundchen will be spotlighted by a camera (0.5). Or if you are more into the owners of NFL Franchises, how many times will Robert Kraft be shown (3.5) or how many times will Jim Irsay be mentioned (1). But why stop there, there are bets on how many times Andrew Luck will be talked about, how many times they will bring back the famous catch by David Tyree, to the one that truly irritates me, since it’s about a child, on if Tom Brady’s kid is shown will he be wearing a Pats jersey.

But anyways, have you had enough? Of course not, so let’s bet on what color the gatorade (or whatever else it is) that is dumped on the winning coach will be. And yes, for you money hungry betters, green is a possibility, but so is red! And if you are more of a global kind of guy/gal why not bet on how many average viewers the game will have, the O/U on that is 117 million. The true team fan can bet if NY or Boston will have a better local tv rating. What better way to say I won money by making sure everyone that you know inside your area code has all their tvs on! Or if you are a Y2K person bet on whether there will be more or less than 1.5 million of viewers online watching the game, (sarcasm alert) and gambling as well.

But finally, if you want one last bet, for the day after, why not bet on whether the stock market will be up or down! Kidding aside, if you are going to bet, do it with your head, not over it!