New York Giants: Three reasons why they will win the game…


As the Super Bowl comes closer and closer, the host city of Indianapolis fills up more and more with fans that are arriving for Super Bowl weekend, the analysts and experts are giving you their picks on why this team or the other will win, here is my pick and the three reasons why. First off, before I give out my pick, I choose the team I am thinking will win and not because of the blog I write here on FanSided. If you have not guessed by now, that would mean that I am going to go with the

New York Giants


the New England Patriots

this Sunday in what I think will be a high scoring affair in which New York’s defense is able to make a few more plays than their opponent.

But here are the three reasons why I believe head coach Tom Coughlin’s team will win it all when it’s all said and done:

1) As I stated above, the G-Men have the better defense, and will be able to go at Tom Brady with just the front four for a major part of the game, making it harder for the Pats’ QB to find his favorite targets. When a squad can give pressure with just their D-line using the blitzes wisely can become a total blow for the opposition. I know that anywhere you go to see the breakdown of the game when it comes to coaching everyone gives the edge to Belichick, but do not be fooled, Coughlin and his staff can make up a heck of a defensive plan, especially with the talent that they have on that defensive line. If NY can get a lead and the D can then pin their ears back knowing that Brady has to throw it most of the time it will be interesting to see how daring both sides will become. On a side note, Osi Umenyiora will be fired up for this one since he needs to recoup his 20K in fine for having missed a media session!

2) To pony back on the first reason, the Giants are healthier, and this comes down to basically one player, one very key player, for the Patriots: Rob Gronkowski. All season long the duo of QB to TE has worked, with the second year pro catching 90 passes for 1327 yards and 17 TDs. Losing that, or not having it at full strength is not going to be something that you can just overcome or ignore, and that is going to affect the Pats a great deal. To be noted as well, the Super Bowl, unlike any other game during the season has a longer halftime and that could also affect the tight end’s ankle as he waits with his team mates to get back onto the field.

3) Finally, the third reason why the New York team is going to win this game on Sunday is their QB and their attitude. Yes, the Giants have imitated their neighbors at the Meadowlands a bit too much this week, making me think that Rex Ryan is prepping them for the media sessions more than Coughlin is, but that is secondary to the fact that this squad has always strived on being the underdog, and in this one they are by three points. Add to it that Eli Manning, as I wrote a couple of days back is coming out of the shadow of his brother and you can see why this team simply seems unstoppable going into Sunday’s game. If Manning can be as accurate on third downs as he has been it is going to break the Pats’ defense, which is already not that good.

Because of these three components I give the edge to the New York Giants, who I feel will win by the final of 35 to 24 with Eli Manning getting his second MVP while his brother, and the rest of the first family in football, are cheering from the box, which might be the last time you see Peyton inside the stadium he helped build. And for that reason, win or lose, it might be a bitter sweet emotion once this game is over for all.